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09.07.2014 09:34
Travelling is more than simply going on vacation; it is more than a form of relaxation
and pause from our daily, fast-paced lives. Travelling is a way of life. It is about
exploring this beautiful planet of ours, meeting new like-minded individuals,
discovering never-before-seen places and finding one’s personal paradise. 
No matter if you decide to travel on foot, by car or plane, in a kayak or on a cruise ship. !
We as individuals, who share our lives on this planet, always travel the globe together,
even if we embark on new journeys alone. Through trips and expeditions, we create
new connections with others and form lasting memories of wonderful locations.
Because of this feeling as well as out of this feeling, HAVAIII Co. was born. A young,
up-and-coming apparel brand that joyfully celebrates these journeys we embark on,
and showcases through their designs the unique beauty of sites around the globe. !
Inspired by nature !
“The remarkable, often hidden beauty that lies within this global culture of travelling
is what we attempt to capture with our designs”, describes Maximilian Waid –
founder of HAVAIII Co. – the ethos behind the brand. All of HAVAIII’s designs that
are featured on shirts, pullovers, tank tops, caps as well as backpacks and longboards
are inspired by a particular ‘travel moment’. Whether it is the setting sun on Western
Australia’s Cable Beach, a blossoming magnolia tree during Germany’s springtime,
an array of palm trees in California or a rock formation in South Africa; HAVAIII
discovers inspiration all over the world. !
Wanderlust, the desire to explore and discover, is the driving force behind HAVAIII,
which seems to be at home anywhere in the world. Home, wherever there is diversity
and splendour to be explored; just like all those like-minded global citizens out there,
who call the planet with its entire beauty home.
Home, sweet home.
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